UnBELIZEable Accommodation

Remember how Mr. Geppetto gets swallowed by a whale in the classic Disney tale “Pinocchio”? Well, if you would like to have an experience like his, then pay a visit to Placencia, Belize where you can find accommodation in the shape of a whale to swallow you whole. I had the fortunate experience of living inside this gem for 5 nights! ?

Between the organic architecture and modern style, this oceanfront home was unlike any place I have stayed before, and I am quite certain we found the most unique lodging in Belize!

The house is called Swan Villa, which recently completed construction in January 2015. Three separate units make up the home; a two bedroom unit with kitchen and common area on the main floor and two private units upstairs.

See below for a complete review of The Swan Villa in Placencia, a famous peninsula in southern Belize.

(*Note: This review is for the two bedroom unit on the main floor)

When you first walk into the home, you come to the common living area. This room is very spacious and ideal for hanging out. There is a small flat screen tv on the wall as well.

To the right you will find a kitchen which offers everything one would need to make meals at the house; a stove, microwave, blender, toaster, and refrigerator. On out first night in town, we paid a visit to the local market and bought breakfast foods, snacks, and pasta in order to save money.

The master chefs!

Peak into the kitchen on your way to one of the bedrooms and find out who is doing the dishes.

Thanks, Liz!

The entryways to the bedrooms are round and the doors are fashioned with distinctive designs.

All bedrooms are identical and radiate vibes from the 70s with round beds, vibrant showers, and light-up tubs. Not going to lie, I checked the closet for the fembots 😉

My favorite part of the bedroom was hands down the showers! Completely covered with little bright blue stones and bright lighting lining the top circular perimeter, I couldnt help but transport myself back to the disco during showertime ?

And just when you think it can’t get any better than this, you discover the tub in the bedrooms offer aromatherapy and chromotherapy! Time to refresh the body and mind.

To add to the therapy, the views you are presented with in the mornings are harmonious. Who knew living inside a whale could be so relaxing??

Moving to the outdoor area of the property, to the right of the house, the infinity pool cascades down blending in with the beautiful blue lagoon. Morning yoga sessions were calm and peaceful here.

The architecture on the back of the house is interesting and reminds me of honeycombs.

There are a few cats that live on the property, but they haven’t quite warmed up to strangers yet. This is about as close as I could get to him.

Kayaks/paddleboards and bicycles are available for use as well. Take the bike out for a stroll around town or the kayaks/paddleboards out to explore the lagoon. You literally wouldn’t need to leave the house if you didn’t want to.

It was also the perfect place to watch sunsets.

From the pool…

In the reflection of the house…

And from the little fishing dock out back!

Beautiful view of the Maya Mountains

Unlike Mister Gepetto, my experience being swallowed by a whale was excellent and I wished we could stay longer!

The owners, Rodolfo and Montse were wonderful, extremely helpful, and ensured our time in Placencia was nothing short of perfect. Thank you for a memorable time! We cant wait to return!

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What is the most unique accommodation you’ve stayed in? Please share in the comment section below.

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