Apple Picking in Belleville

The end of summer is usually accompanied with mixed emotions. It is time to bid adieu to sunbathing at the pool, daylight lasting until almost 9pm, and refreshing ice cold lemonades; however, the end of summer is also welcomed with perfect mid 70 degree weather, colorful changing of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple picking season! My favorite fall activity.

Eckerts, located in Illinois, is a great place to go apple picking. The Eckerts family has been growing a wide variety of apples for over 100 years! From end of August through mid October, all are welcome to pick your own apples from the orchards.

Come, wander with me through the apple orchards at for a recap of one perfect Sunday.

With a high of 79 degrees Fahrenheit we tossed off our jackets almost immediately.

obviously making friends quickly

The fruit furthest from the trunk ripen first, and Max is just not quite tall enough to reach.

And neither am I…..

“booty boost”

The “perfect” Fuji apple. Rich in color and free of bruises. Fuji apples are the best for snacking because they are the juiciest. This apple dates back to the 1790s and mid October is prime time for them to ripen. Most of the apples we pick today are of this type.

A day at the orchard isnt complete without ninja training, apple juggling, and yoga:


On our tractor ride back to the market, there was time for a pit stop at the pumpkin patch. I had no idea pumpkin plants bloom flowers ?

What an excellent fall memory for the Morgans!

What is your favorite fall activity?


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