About Me


I’m Jenna. A St. Louisan who can’t seem to sit still. I’m an Aries and I’m restless.

The travel bug bit me in 2009 when I made my first trip overseas to Spain and Morocco. Since that trip, I have never been the same. 7 years later, I am proud to say I have had the opportunity to visit many places, and my passion is growing with each new place. I live for this stuff: New people, new places, new culture, new experiences!

My goal with this blog is to share my experiences, provide information for fellow travelers, and to hopefully light the same fire I have for travel, in others as well. I am able to maintain a full-time job and household in between these lovely adventures, and I would like to share with other full-timers how it is possible!

It’s a wonderful world with much to offer. Why not experience it?


To see all the places I have traveled, check out my Where I’ve Been page.





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