5 Reasons Maui Exceeded Expectations

Aloha Friends! We’re back from Hawaii and had a FABULOUS time. The trip may have been short, but the adventures were plentiful. Remember that flight deal I shared a few months back roundtrip to Hawaii? Well, here is the result of that super sweet deal. Maui definitely exceeded expectations with a variety of different adventures to offer. What I anticipated would be a relaxed vacation turned into much much more! The people of Maui are completely crazy about their hometown and it was easy to understand why.

Here’s a few reasons why Maui exceeded expectations (although I could go on and on). Enjoy!

1) Makawao Airbnb – First of all, who doesn’t LOVE Airbnb? I love it because it makes me feel more connected with the destination when I’m staying in a house/apartment amongst the locals. We typically rent a place with a stove to save money by cooking meals at the house. In Maui we rented this house in Makawao, a cute little upcountry town located on the northwestern slope of the Haleakala Volcano. It was peaceful and private with a beautiful ocean view. And at night, this location provided a perfect unpolluted view of the stars.


Amazing view from the balcony!

2) Turtle Town Snorkeling – To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first about how this day trip to “Turtle Town” would pan out. I read online that the area was one of the best for snorkeling and sighting sea turtles, however my luck hasn’t always been that great with sighting turtles. In addition, we didn’t book a snorkel excursion and so we didn’t have the experts showing us where all the sea action would be.

Snorkel Bob’s, a snorkel/dive shop in the area, provided us with masks, snorkels, and fins for $9 a day and we set off to see what this “Turtle Town” was all about. I didn’t expect much, but the experience ended up being quite the adventure. We saw at least ten green sea turtles while snorkeling that day. Best $9 ever spent!




3) Haleakala Volcano – Have you ever wondered what driving amongst the clouds would be like? Take a journey to the summit of Haleakala to find out. The road to the summit features various switchbacks and around each corner it feels like you are about to jet right off into the sky. The Haleakala Volcano is a very special and sacred place for Maui culture, as it was a partial creator of the land and home to many ancient ancestors. The whole experience driving to the summit, hiking the crater, and watching the sunset was truly magical.

Note: No matter how hot it may be on the day you make the drive to the summit, bring a jacket. The weather can change at any time and it’s quite chilly and windy up there!



4) Road to Hana Surprises – This 52 mile long journey is full of exciting adventures and amazing stop offs. There is definitely something for everyone along the journey. The stops are referred to by their mile marker, and it is completely impossible to hit them all, unless you make the journey over several days. I loved how each stop was a little different. Along the journey you can find countless waterfalls, bamboo forests, a black and red sand beach, and little shacks that serve delicious banana bread! Ill be posting a more detailed article about our specific itinerary and experiences soon.


5) Secluded Beaches – I used to be a very detailed planner. I’d map out my trips in excel and when things didn’t go as planned I would get upset. Somewhere along the lines of traveling I’ve changed. I’m a much more “go with the flow” type person these days. Don’t get me wrong, I still do my research, and identify a handful of activities I would like to experience, but I am done jam packing itineraries and leaving no room for surprises. This mentality really came in handy one day in Maui.

The “plan” was to drive to the west coast, but if something caught our attention along the way, it was welcomed. And so when a small gravel road leading to what looked like a nice viewpoint over the ocean caught our attention, we turned on it. Little did we know, just beyond this gravel path, was a beautiful secluded beach. All to ourselves.

Honey, grab the cooler!

Mahalo Maui, for the amazing time. We really enjoyed the island and cannot wait to return, with the kids in tow.

Have you been? Tell me, what were your favorite parts of Maui?

**To see more photos from our time in Maui, check out My Restless Roaming Spirit’s Instagram account here!

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